bestbet Bounty Matt Affleck Eliminated by Carlos Guerrero

From middle position, bestbet bounty Matt Affleck (pictured above) raises to 500 in middle position and Heather Warde calls in the small blind. From the big blind, Carlos Guerrero (pictured below) three-bets to 2,000.

Affleck responds by making it 5,000 total, and when the action returns to Warde, she elects to make it 15,500. Guerrero calls, and after several minutes of deliberation, Affleck moves all in for 17,600. Warde and Guerrero both call, and the flop lands (4 Club, 3 Diamond, 7 Diamond).

Warde checks, and Guerrero pushes all in for 37,200. Warde calls all in for 31,000, and the three hands are tabled.

  • Warde: (Ace Diamond, King Diamond)
  • Affleck: (Queen Club, Queen Spade)
  • Guerrero: (Ace Club, Ace Heart)

Guerrero has both players covered, and holds the best hand but will be looking to fade a diamond or queen.

The turn and river land the  (7 Spade) and (5 Club), and both Warde and Affleck are eliminated.

Carlos Guerrero - 121,000
Heather Warde - Eliminated
Matt Affleck - Eliminated

** Article Credit to | Photo Credit to Joe Giron**

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